About PACE Aged Care

PACE Aged Care is committed to sharing a culture of care amongst likeminded not for profit aged and community care service providers.

During a 2013 workshop for aged care and support service organisations on the Central Coast of New South Wales, discussion was sparked about how local community organisations may be able to work together to assist and support each other.

Inspired by the possibilities, a number of local organisations decided to collaborate and continue discussions about the best ways to deliver quality aged care and support services to people living on the Central Coast.

Later that year an agreement was reached, with four founding organisations agreeing to collaborate under a shared services organisational model.

As a result, PACE Aged Care was born with an aim of providing the perfect environment for organisations to share resources, training, development, administration and provide opportunities for growth and increased career pathways.

The founding member organisations of PACE Aged Care are:

  • Peninsula Villages
  • Adelene
  • Central Coast Community Care Association
  • Evergreen Life Care Limited

In March 2016, the PACE brand was officially launched to members of the Central Coast community and PACE’s first new member, Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel, was announced.

PACE Aged Care offers quality, person-centred care for aged veterans, disabled and elderly community members living on the Central Coast of New South Wales and beyond. PACE’s member organisations jointly offer a variety of services including residential aged care, independent living, respite, dementia specific care and community ageing services.

PACE Aged Care PACE Aged Care
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